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image courtesy of R. Michael Burger, Ph.D., Biological Sciences


Fall 2019 Lecture videos and resources


Month Day Title Lecturer Lecture powerpoint
August 26 Course Goals and Expections Vassie Ware, Ph.D. PDF
  28 Ethical Considerations in Biosciences Selected faculty PDF
  30 Introduction to Cell Biology and Mechanisms of Gene Expression Vassie Ware, Ph.D. PDF
September 2 LABOR DAY - NO CLASS
  4 Cell Biology of Cancer Lynne Cassimeris, Ph.D. PDF
Movie 1
Movie 2
  6 Hallmarks of Cancer Michael Kuchka, Ph.D. PDF
  9 Telomeres and Cancer David Zappulla, Ph.D. PDF
  11 Oncogenes and Cancer Linda Lowe-Krentz, Ph.D. PDF
  13 Molecular-based Cancer Therapeutics Damien Thévenin, Ph.D. PDF
  16 Information Processing in the Nervous System R. Michael Burger, Ph.D. PDF
  18 Advances in Neurological Medicine R. Michael Burger, Ph.D. PDF
  20 Neuroscience Ethics Ann Fink, Ph.D. PDF
  23 EXAM 1
  25 Nervous System Development Michael Layden, Ph.D. PDF
  27 Stress-related Disorders and Drug Development Neal Simon, Ph.D. PDF
  30 Drugs and Behavior Ryan Wynne, Ph.D. PDF
October 2 Neurodegenerative Diseases Daniel Babcock, Ph.D. PDF
  4 Convergence in Biomedical Sciences in the 21st Century Stephen Wong, Ph.D. PDF
  7 Neurotoxicity Katie Hoffman, Ph.D. PDF
  9 Genes and the Brain Julie Miwa, Ph.D. PDF
  11 The Wonderful World of Mycobacteriophages: Discovery, dynamics, collusion, and therapy Graham Hatfull, Ph.D. PDF
  16 Antibiotics and Resistant Bacteria Vassie Ware, Ph.D. PDF
  18 EXAM 2
  21 Waterborne Pathogens Kristen Jellison, Ph.D. PDF
  23 Viral Pathogens Robert Buckheit, Ph.D. PDF
  25 Emerging Diseases:  An Evolutionary Perspective Amber Rice, Ph.D. PDF
  28 Engineered Microdevices for HIV and Sickle Cell Diagnostics Xuanhong Cheng, Ph.D. PDF
  30 Bacteria:  Friend or Foe? Marcos Pires, Ph.D. PDF
November 1 The Science and Fiction of Antibiotic Apocalypse:  Outbreak Narratives and Military Metaphors Lorenzo Servitje, Ph.D.
  4 Model Organisms in Biological Research Michael Layden, Ph.D. PDF
  6 Inflammation and the Immune Response Joshua Slee, Ph.D. PDF
  8 Cardiovascular Disease Linda Lowe-Krentz, Ph.D. PDF
  11 EXAM 3
  13 Introduction to Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine Lesley Chow, Ph.D. PDF
  15 Mind, Brain, Immunity Ann Fink, Ph.D. PDF
  18 Personal Genomics Wynn Meyer, Ph.D. PDF
  20 Epigenetis in Health and Disease Santiago Herrera, Ph.D. PDF
  22 Bioinformatics:  Genes and Genomes Daniel Lopresti, Ph.D. PDF
  25 CRISPR and Genome Editing Michael Kuchka, Ph.D. PDF
December 2 Canceled    
  4 CRISPR and Genome Editing Dena Davis, J.D., Ph.D.  
  6 An Ode to a Stem Cell Vassie Ware, Ph.D. PDF